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Victoria Froelicher, 59, Napa resident since 1988, is marketing “Drumpfo, the tweeter ‘n cheatTM,” a desktop finger-bop novelty she created to be a stress and anxiety reliever as well as revenue contributor for democracy-bolstering causes.

Her Drumpfo vinyl toy stands seven inches high when inflated and durably rocks upright for repeated flick, punch and slap-down punishment.

The caricature is complete with squinched face, sloppy red tie, comb-over- hair flap, cel phone in short-fingered hand that tweets when squeezed, Confederate pocket square, hammer-and-sickle lapel pin, dollar-sign cufflinks and splayed clown shoes. Phrases decorating its colorful box include, “Fun for true patriots & tree-huggers,” “Scientists and snowflakes will be thrilled” (“Real Christians, atheists and immigrants as well”), “The fakest show on earth,” “Designed in California” and “Made in China” (“Where most of his stuff is made”)–since Froelicher couldn’t find a U.S. manufacturer.

Her moniker, Drumpfo, derives from name variations, Drumpf, Drumb and Trumpff, the family changed to Trump after 1608, in Kallstadt, Germany.

The entertaining item may be purchased locally, as at Napa’s Book Mine and Petaluma’s Heebe Geebe General Store, and nationally on Amazon Prime and drumpfo.com (drumpfo.org) Web sites.

“A portion of the proceeds helps support organizations dedicated to ensuring a healthy democracy,” declares the package merchandised by Froelicher’s company, CitizenFourMillion, LLC. CFM’s first contribution went to Emily’s List for its work backing women in politics. Next donations are slated for organizations such the Natural Resources Defense Council, American Civil Liberties Union and Southern Poverty Law Center.

Froelicher’s art direction career has employed her at corporations in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Medford and since 2006 as creative manager for a national, Petaluma-based, horticultural supplies wholesaler. She has also maintained an independent studio, Laughing Cat Graphics. Its work includes the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway & Transportation logo sported by the District’s transit buses.

After the unexpected November, 2016, election results, Froelicher had the same sense of extreme loss and dread felt by much of the nation’s popular electoral majority. Having anticipated being present at the first U.S. woman president’s inauguration, she instead joined her daughter and friends, in Washington, D.C., for the historic, multi-city, post-Inaugural Women’s March. That experience of power, elation and hope lifted them up as part of the reported million-plus women, children and men who filled the capital’s streets, singing and chanting as they passed the White House: “Welcome to your first day! We will not go away!”

Invited to join the closed Facebook group, Pantsuit Nation, she found solidarity and solace there which helped heal her Trump-upset shock. Fewer than a million prior to the election, that network surged to 3.9 million members within days. Hence, her LLC: Citizen Four Million, with its nod to whistle-blowing, Edward Snowden’s code name.

Home, in Napa, Froelicher joined a local activist huddle mostly comprising lawyers and social workers who staffed caller banks, wrote letters and created sanctuary support systems. But she sought a way of using her creative talent and experience to lampoon a president that promotes a new cultural norm that promotes classism, sexism and racism.

When she purchased a BOZO® the Clown punching bag for her niece and nephew at Christmas, she noticed and bought a desktop-size BOZO for her office. With collaboration from colleagues she added a bit of orange hair, repainted the face and name to satirize the 45th president and began to take out her citizen frustration on the finger-bop toy. The rest is history: Drumpfo, the tweeter ‘n cheatTM was born, design finalized over the summer, product received and started selling by Christmas, 2017.

Drumpfo’s appeal can be appreciated as social media popularizers feature it on YoutubeFacebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Froelicher, friends and family plan to watch the State of the Union Address using Drumpfo for a coffee table game. As in poker, the ante increases each round: every time he lies, first one to punch him wins the kitty; every time he boasts of genius or greatness, first one to make him tweet wins the hand!

Its inventive creator plans to attend the Women’s March on the inaugural anniversary, January 20, parading with a large facsimile of “liar-in-chief,” Drumpfo.

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